Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life so far with my Filofax

Well, it's been a little over a month since I initially purchased my first Filofax.  And it has been an exciting month, getting familiar with all the abundant tools, suggestions and ideas I have received.  Trying things that work and then things - not so much!  But that's okay!  That's the beauty of my Filofax.  You can change it as many times as you see fit to make it work for YOU!

I currently use three different Filofaxes.  One A5, which is my primary work planner.  In it I track my multitude of projects, take detailed notes and manage my daily and weekly To Do's.  I don't have time to decorate her at all.  The most I ever use for any type of decoration are colored pens to help make things POP from the page. I currently use the Time Management Filiofax pages found on the Filofax UK website.  I love the pages because they use a week on two pages format, however they also contain sections to write down Priority Activities, a Phone, Write, Fax, Email section, along with an Expenses section, Personal and Delegation Reminders and a large section to write Next Actions or To Do's.  Perfect for my Project Management role at work.  Since I primarily work from home, the A5 planner (nicknamed Rachael Berry due to the Raspberry color) never leaves my desk.  I also use her to do my personal bill paying - so I keep my checkbook and finance pages are held in the back.  Blog ideas are sometimes held in here as well.

I use a Personal Crimson Malden as my EDC (everyday carry) and it is where I spend the majority of my time (at least when I am not working).  I would say I use my personal planner, more as a diary more than a schedule planner/organizer.  Yes, I have my birthday's and major events in here, but I typically use my days in the calendar to document daily quotes, what the weather was like or anything exciting that may have happened that day.  I also use it to document my grocery shopping, my fitness and food journal, my lists for products I want to try, recipes I have found, gift ideas for various members of my family, plus addresses of other Filofax "friends", personal info, etc.  I really, really love holding her and dressing her up each week using washi tape and stickers and making my own dividers.  Isn't she a beauty?

The last one I use all the time is my Compact Metropol in Red.  I do not use this as a Filofax, rather as a wallet.  I have all my credit cards, store reward cards, gift cards and the lot all inside her.  I even included a small keyring attached to the rings at the bottom with all of those miscellaneous miniature store cards for easy flashing at the register.  I agree, that the weight of carrying both a personal Filofax stuffed to the gills and a Compact Filofax stuffed with heavy debt-laden credit cards can do a number on my back and elbow from carrying these in my bag while I am out.  The only benefit is I am not out that often or for that long to really be a bother to me yet.

I did just purchase three pocket sized Malden's (crimson, ochre and purple) to try to use that as a wallet instead of the compact.  I actually am waiting for the doorbell to ring from my friendly neighborhood UPS delivery man as we speak.  A follow-up post will follow, you can be sure of that.  In the meantime, grab yourself a cool drink - sit back and enjoy the view of my lovely family of Filofaxes and stay a spell.  Until next time......


  1. Rebecca, great post. This is how I want to use Filofax one day. One for work, one for personal and one as a wallet. I work in healthcare so I really don't want to mix work with personal.

  2. I love your wallet! That might just go on my wishlist! : )
    I have a vintage Tejus pocket that I thought I'd be able to transition into using as a wallet/ mini planner, but I find I can't really do both and I'm enjoying it as an "on the go" mini-planner too much to ditch all the pages and make it into a proper wallet. Maybe another filofax is in my future too! Thanks for sharing!